my music!



Can I use your music in my own content?

yes! well, in most cases...

from Dream (2022) onward, all of my self-released songs are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. anyone may use these songs freely, so long as they provide credit back to me!

a great example of some credit text would be as follows:

music used: mellodoot - Dream
buy it here:
licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

that last part is optional, though the license itself states that you should include it. i personally don't care!

for any songs prior to this, they were all either released by me (in which case, i honestly don't mind), or in collaboration with chill people who i don't see having an issue with it. do be sure to ask them about it, though!

in the event the song you want to use is released under some other label, their usage rights will more than likely trump whatever i'd otherwise have in mind. i'll try to negotiate some nice terms, though! ;)

i love the idea of other creators using my songs in their work, so if you do happen to use my stuff in a work you're particularly proud of, feel free to send it my way!

How do you make your music?

happy you asked!

i make almost all of my music using Ableton Live. my software instruments of choice would typically be Xfer Serum, and whatever vaguely atmospheric or orchestral stuff Spitfire Audio puts out! aside from that, a bunch of sampled stuff like drums, ambience and foley sounds.

if you're specifically looking for how i write my music, that's an excellent question!

What got you into making music?

dumb luck!

my mom got me a launchpad way back in 2016 or so, which came with a trial version of Ableton Live. i foolishly used it to try ripping off those classic launchpad mashups that were huge on youtube at the time.

fast-foward a year or so later, and i actually tried my hand at writing my own music. mostly inspired by the musical styles of Virtual Riot and Tokyo Machine, i finished my first song, Traveller (2017)!

from there, it's been a wild ride of musical experimentation! just making more music over time, further honing my craft and learning all these silly little things like mixing, mastering and good sound design.

I'm influenced by new styles of music all the time, so expect me to switch things up every now and then! one of my goals is to have a big, diverse discography full of songs that represent almost every little bit of my musical personality ❤